Our Procedures.

Student Procedures . . .

Student Badges

Parking Pass

  • Parking Passes are $60.00 for the year – $50.00 for Platinum Students.
  • You have to complete an application form with name, address, grade, tag number, and provide proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license.  Must be signed by the student and a parent or guardian.  Also all drivers are included in the drug testing process along with the athletes.


  • Lockers are $5.00. They are all top lockers and you may share with a friend as long as their name is listed on the card.


  • Books are assigned through the Curriculum Office.

Our School . . .

Will be a place where students and teachers feel safe, accepted, and respected; will develop the concept of community through collaborative learning and promotion of intellectual curiosity to reach for something higher; will promote open communication between parents, teachers, and students which encourages a sense of teamwork and cooperation; will acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of students and staff; will promote creativity and technological competencies to better prepare students to meet the demands of a changing world; will prepare students with the necessary job skills required to enter a competitive, global workforce; will invite community stakeholders to support, invest, and participate in East Hall High School’s vision and mission; will foster Viking pride through an attitude of respect and tolerance for one another.

The East Hall Community

East Hall High School opened in 1956 and has enjoyed the support and cooperation of the community and local businesses in the education of our students throughout our school’s history. Our Viking pride runs deep as evidenced by participation of the community, student body, faculty, and alumni in all aspects of our school.

East Hall High School is one of 34 schools in the Hall County School System (21 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 6 high schools, and 1 Charter Career Academy.)  The mission of our school system is “Character, Competency, Rigor. . .for All.”  The Balanced Scorecard is the system structure for processes as well as accountability.  East Hall High School has used the Balanced Scorecard, our 2008 GAPSS Analysis and the East Hall High School Mission and Vision collectively to develop and implement our school improvement plan.


Despite economic constraints, our school system continues to explore ways to bring new technology to our school and explore more effective use of existing technology.  Our current technology includes three computer labs, one credit recovery lab, seven classroom Smart Boards, LCD Projectors, Interwrite tablets, iPods (Podcast), and digital microscopes.  Utilization of advanced software (Bryce 3D Design, Macromedia Suite for Web Design and Photo enhancement, Adobe Creative Suite), Virtual Labs, and Vision Software have enhanced instruction.  Most recently added to our software is the capability of improving our textbook inventory and management through a bar coding system to monitor student assignment and usage, loss and damage.

Media Center

The East Hall High School media center produces a monthly newsletter to advise teachers and students of upcoming events and available resources.  Our media center maintains a comprehensive materials collection consisting of current media, books, reference sources and periodicals in print and electronic formats that support student learning, the curriculum, and the instructional program.  The media staff collaborates with faculty to ensure that procedures for using the media center are communicated and materials and resources are readily available for instruction.  The media center also maintains the Internet Access contracts for students and utilizes budget allocations to provide services, resources, and equipment to support curricular and instructional programs.

Our Stakeholders

At East Hall High School we consider our stakeholders to be critical to the continued success of our school.  Our stakeholders include students, parents, faculty and staff, community, school council, local businesses, our Partners in Education, and the Hall County Board of Education.

As always, students are our first priority.  “Every Student, Every Chance, Every Day” is our motto for 2011-2012. It is important that students feel safe, successful, and valued.  Teaching students the strategies to problem solve in a complex society are incorporated in daily lessons and unit plans.  Making their learning relevant helps to promote engagement and student outcomes.  Employing a school-wide structure of Opening, Instruction, Collaborative Learning, and Closure has increased the consistency and engagement of students.

Professional Learning has been utilized on a much larger scale over the last two years, individually and collaboratively.  The most recent school wide studies included Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne and When Kids Can’t Read by Kylene Beers.  The School Improvement team works closely with department chairmen to ensure that strategies from these studies are being utilized to improve the success of students.

Our East Hall School Council meets monthly to share information and suggestions for school improvement. Its support has led to improvements in facilities and communication between stakeholders. The council’s role has opened many doors for partnerships with businesses in our community.

Local businesses and our Partners in Education support us through fundraising events, donations, teacher appreciation, scholarships, work programs, mentorships, and discounts for both students and teachers.  Our partners are most visible on Career Day, and by sponsoring Honor’s Night held each Spring.

East Hall High School is fortunate to have a school board and central office staff that support our drive for excellence through leadership, cooperation, and partnership. Mr. Schofield and the Board of Education have provided a framework for school improvement through the Balanced Scorecard that holds all of us accountable for high standards and strong character.