School Procedures

Student ID Badge Information

Books are assigned through the Curriculum Office.

If you withdraw, you must return you ID Badge and books to the Curriculum Office.

Parking Passes:

Parking Passes are $60.00 for the year – $50.00 for Platinum Students.

You have to complete an application form with name, address, grade, tag number, and provide proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license.  Must be signed by the student and a parent or guardian.  Also all drivers are included in the drug testing process along with the athletes.


See Mrs. Gilstrap RM 104. Lockers are $5.00. They are all top lockers and you may share with a friend as long as their name is listed on the card with Mrs. Gilstrap.

East Hall High School

“Every student, every chance, every day”

“Student Growth Is Our Business”

Our School . . .

will be a place where students and teachers feel safe, accepted, and respected; will develop the concept of community through collaborative learning and promotion of intellectual curiosity to reach for something higher; will promote open communication between parents, teachers, and students which encourages a sense of teamwork and cooperation; will acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of students and staff; will promote creativity and technological competencies to better prepare students to meet the demands of a changing world; will prepare students with the necessary job skills required to enter a competitive, global workforce; will invite community stakeholders to support, invest, and participate in East Hall High School’s vision and mission; will foster Viking pride through an attitude of respect and tolerance for one another.

The East Hall Mission

It is the mission of East Hall High School to motivate and inspire all students to commit to excellence in all facets of life.

The East Hall Community

East Hall High School opened in 1956 and has enjoyed the support and cooperation of the community and local businesses in the education of our students throughout our school’s history. Our Viking pride runs deep as evidenced by participation of the community, student body, faculty, and alumni in all aspects of our school.

East Hall High School is one of 34 schools in the Hall County School System (21 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 6 high schools, and 1 Charter Career Academy.)  The mission of our school system is “Character, Competency, Rigor. . .for All.”  The Balanced Scorecard is the system structure for processes as well as accountability.  East Hall High School has used the Balanced Scorecard, our 2008 GAPSS Analysis and the East Hall High School Mission and Vision collectively to develop and implement our school improvement plan.

Our Stakeholders

At East Hall High School we consider our stakeholders to be critical to the continued success of our school.  Our stakeholders include students, parents, faculty and staff, community, school council, local businesses, our Partners in Education, and the Hall County Board of Education.

As always, students are our first priority.  “Every Student, Every Chance, Every Day” is our motto for 2011-2012. It is important that students feel safe, successful, and valued.  Teaching students the strategies to problem solve in a complex society are incorporated in daily lessons and unit plans.  Making their learning relevant helps to promote engagement and student outcomes.  Employing a school-wide structure of Opening, Instruction, Collaborative Learning, and Closure has increased the consistency and engagement of students.

Professional Learning has been utilized on a much larger scale over the last two years, individually and collaboratively.  The most recent school wide studies included Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne and When Kids Can’t Read by Kylene Beers.  The School Improvement team works closely with department chairmen to ensure that strategies from these studies are being utilized to improve the success of students.

Our East Hall School Council meets monthly to share information and suggestions for school improvement. Its support has led to improvements in facilities and communication between stakeholders. The council’s role has opened many doors for partnerships with businesses in our community.

Local businesses and our Partners in Education support us through fundraising events, donations, teacher appreciation, scholarships, work programs, mentorships, and discounts for both students and teachers.  Our partners are most visible on Career Day, and by sponsoring Honor’s Night held each Spring.

East Hall High School is fortunate to have a school board and central office staff that support our drive for excellence through leadership, cooperation, and partnership. Mr. Schofield and the Board of Education have provided a framework for school improvement through the Balanced Scorecard that holds all of us accountable for high standards and strong character.

Highlights of our Accomplishments

Despite the high number of socio-economically disadvantaged students in our school, East Hall continues to exhibit academic excellence in many of our programs. US News and World Report named East Hall a 2008 Bronze Medal winner as one of America’s Best High Schools.

Further testimony to our success is that East Hall High School reached Adequate Yearly Progress for the2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years. This success can be attributed to:

  • Test Preparation for EOCT and Graduation Exam in small targeted groups
  • Addition of a Graduation Coach to our faculty
  • Integration of technology in the classrooms
  • Addition of the credit recovery lab
  • Creation of a Viking Homework Clinic
  • Platinum Cards
  • Prescriptive testing for targeted students
  • Collaborative planning by departments with co-teachers
  • Addition of a Liaison to address the concerns of  Hispanic students and parents
  • Establishment of procedures for communicating inadequate student progress to parents at regular intervals
  • County Initiative for test preparation;  T Minus 30
  • Professional learning which enhanced authentic assessment and differentiated instruction
  • Parent night meetings to develop remediation contracts for students who failed one or more areas of the Graduation Exams
  • Transition from middle school through Freshman orientation and summer bridge

The English department implemented a 21st Century Classroom equipped with five microphones, a 20-channel sound board, 10 computers and two Smart Boards. Three English teachers have Gifted Endorsements, four have ESOL endorsements, two are reading specialists, and three are certified AP instructors. In addition, each year the department coordinates school participation in district and state Literary Meets. The Viking Yearbook staff has garnered multiple local, state, and national awards for excellence.

The social studies department has expanded course offerings in more rigorous Advanced Placement classes. These classes include AP Economics, AP U.S. History, and AP Government. The Social Studies Department is continuing to evolve through further collaboration within the department. The goals of the department continue to focus on enriching students’ experiences in the classroom. The development of common unit plans, curriculum maps, and pacing charts reflect GPS relevance and rigor and support school improvement.

Students have consistently scored above the state average on the math portion of the graduation test. The math department has actively participated in professional learning opportunities for implementing the Georgia Performance Standards for the math curriculum.  Three mathematics teachers have Gifted Endorsements, one has an ESOL endorsement and two are certified AP instructors. Our Mathematics Team participates in college tournaments and local contests. Recently the math team has placed in regional competitions. The math department has been able to make a graphing calculator available to all students through grants and effective use of instructional funding from the central office.

The science department has improved graduation test scores in science through various processes, including study skills courses, tutoring, after school programs, and daily test prep questions.  A science classroom was video taped by Georgia Public Television to highlight the best practices in a science classroom, which can be found on the GADOE website (put hyperlink here).  The science department includes two content-certified special education teachers, two ESOL-certified science teachers, one gifted, and four AP-certified teachers. The science department partnered with the automotive department as well as a local doctor and Georgia Tech for a “Water as Fuel” project funded by a mini-grant provided through the Hall County School System.

Collaborative and Co-teaching classes are offered in all content areas. In 2011-2011 East Hall High School will be participating in the Georgia Department of Education Graduation/Dropout Prevention Project (SPDG) to help our students with disabilities stay in school and graduate.  Our ESOL teachers are highly qualified content teachers who deliver instruction through a sheltered environment.  Support classes to accelerate language are also offered to students who are English Language Learners while engaging the academic program of the school. Both the special education department and ESOL department plan collaboratively with content teachers during their assigned planning period.

The physical education department offers courses in recreational, team sports, weight training, and physical fitness. Health classes offer drug awareness and driving safety.   The goal of the department is to instill life- long appreciation for physical, mental and emotional wellness.

The Career and Technical department offers a variety of career pathways to aid in student career awareness and to prepare them to be work ready in various careers and transition into postsecondary education. The CTAE department accomplishes this through incorporating real work scenarios into the classroom, annual job fairs, mentorships, work-based learning opportunities, and articulation with local technical colleges. The department includes three industry-certified programs and eight faculty receiving grants for Career Tech Student Organizations. Over the last several years, East Hall’s CTSO’s have participated in numerous leadership training conferences and competitions, with winners at the region, state, and national levels, and both region and state officers. Family and Consumer Science offers “Examining the Teaching Profession” where students have actual teaching experiences at an elementary school.  Family and Consumer Science also offers an on-site child care program for preschoolers which prepares the student for employment in early childhood careers and postsecondary education. SkillsUSA collaborates with Habitat for Humanity and has won the playhouse competition for the last four years at our local Mule Camp Springs. The Horticulture program developed a Gray Water Project, which recycles collected rain water. Our Automotive program is currently partnered with the science department in developing a hydrogen-fueled engine.

East Hall High School has the only Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps unit in the Hall County school system.  It is one of over 600 Navy JROTC programs across the United States emphasizing responsibility, character building, and citizenship.  In recent years, our cadets have had the opportunity to visit California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington, DC.  They have been introduced to high tech career opportunities, visited numerous historical sites, competed against other JROTC units in a wide variety of activities, and met many notable military and civilian leaders.  For five of the last seven years, an East Hall cadet has been selected as the Outstanding JROTC Cadet for Northeast Georgia by the Sons of the American Revolution.  Three times that cadet went on to be selected as the Outstanding JROTC Cadet for the State of Georgia.  Last year, an East Hall cadet competed against the best cadets from forty units in the area, and was chosen as the Outstanding Metro Atlanta NJROTC Cadet by the Navy League of the United States.  We are very proud of our cadets and the work they are doing.  While most cadets go straight into the work force after graduation, many have earned scholarships and gone on to area colleges or opted for an exciting career in the military.  Now in its seventeenth year at East Hall High School, our cadets have proven that the NJROTC program develops informed and responsible citizens, and that it is an excellent means of improving self-confidence and leadership ability.

Our Fine Arts Department has a reputation for excellence in our local school and across the state.  The East Hall Viking Band has won countless awards in competitions for both Marching and Concert Bands.  Our chorus department as well as Symphonic and Concert Bands entertain us with regular performances at holidays and special occasions.  Our art department offers courses in Comprehensive Visual Arts as well as drawing, painting, and photography was added in 2008 to our curriculum.  The Drama department has participated in the One Act Competition each year.  The technology in the drama department has grown steadily to allow for improved sound and lighting.

Modern language studies at East Hall High school offer courses in Spanish including AP Spanish and Spanish for Native Speakers.  Students have opportunity to explore literature and culture of other countries through their studies.  Students have also taken Virtual School courses in Latin, Chinese, and German.


Despite economic constraints, our school system continues to explore ways to bring new technology to our school and explore more effective use of existing technology.  Our current technology includes three computer labs, one credit recovery lab, seven classroom Smart Boards, LCD Projectors, Interwrite tablets, iPods (Podcast), and digital microscopes.  Utilization of advanced software (Bryce 3D Design, Macromedia Suite for Web Design and Photo enhancement, Adobe Creative Suite), Virtual Labs, and Vision Software have enhanced instruction.  Most recently added to our software is the capability of improving our textbook inventory and management through a bar coding system to monitor student assignment and usage, loss and damage.

Media Center

The East Hall High School media center produces a monthly newsletter to advise teachers and students of upcoming events and available resources.  Our media center maintains a comprehensive materials collection consisting of current media, books, reference sources and periodicals in print and electronic formats that support student learning, the curriculum, and the instructional program.  The media staff collaborates with faculty to ensure that procedures for using the media center are communicated and materials and resources are readily available for instruction.  The media center also maintains the Internet Access contracts for students and utilizes budget allocations to provide services, resources, and equipment to support curricular and instructional programs.

Student Services

The counseling department has two full time counselors who are certified in school counseling.  They participate in professional counseling opportunities and abide by the professional school counseling code of ethics.  Further, our counselors recognize that family is the primary influence in a student’s life, and involve family by consulting, coordinating, and collaborating.  They regularly use data to create appropriate programs and student advisement to enhance the academic environment.  They strive to integrate the counseling program into the school curriculum and make themselves available to students and teachers.

The mission of our Graduation Coach is to provide a comprehensive prevention/intervention program for students who are at risk of grade retention or dropping out of school. Spending time building caring relationships, evaluating schedules and academic performance, and exploring options for individual student success is a daily experience for our Graduation Coach. Success on the GHSGT & GHSWT has been the a challenge/barrier to student graduation. Our Platinum Pride Viking Program was created to generate student excitement about performance on each of these tests. The Platinum Card, issued to each student who earns a passing score on all five tests on their first attempt, is loaded with incentives and discounts at school and at local businesses. Now it is not just about taking a test, it is the desire to be a Platinum Viking

  1. Hold teachers accountable for standards based instruction
  2. Set high expectations for “Test Talk”
  3. Review sessions before and after school
  4. Cumulative review of testing topics on a regular basis
  5. Utilize warm-ups for both EOCT and Grad Exam
  6. Include writing practice on tests/quizzes
  7. Include more word problems and multiple step problems in lessons
  8. Utilize computer programs available in the lab, and provide information for test reviews that students may complete at home
  9. Utilize sets of review books and other resources


  1. Begin each science class with the “Question of the Day”
  2. Review notebooks/workbooks
  3. Practice tests with questions released from previous Grad exams

Social Studies

  1. Utilize EOCT review materials
  2. Utilize Essential Questions to create a dialogue with students
  3. Utilize Test Prep through computer labs
  4. Practice quizzes throughout the semester

Foreign Language

  1. Utilize root words common to Spanish and English
  2. Increase writing opportunities
  3. Focus on grammar in Spanish and English

Career Technology, PE, and Fine Arts

  1. Increased emphasis on Reading and Writing in all electives
  2. Focus on Career Expectations from Employers for Quality Employees (Average applicant vs. exceptional applicant)
  3. Use creativity to stimulate writing across academic areas